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The Prolific Pioneer: Focus on Imogen Cunningham

Long before Annie Liebowitz became renowned for provocative celebrity portraits, and long before the vast, hidden collection of Vivian Maier’s street photography was discovered posthumously, Imogen Cunningham blazed a trail for women photographers in what was (and in many ways still is) a male-dominated industry. Spanning more than seven decades,

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Remembering Scout in Autumn

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole” — Roger Caras. When our first dog came into our life, we named her Scout after the young, scrappy tomboy narrator from Harper Lee’s book “To Kill A Mockingbird”. Scout possessed the same fearless countenance and spirit as

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Pain of the Littlest Finger

Collection of 11 short stories (fiction and flash fiction) that I wrote, edited, typeset, photographed, and designed from cover-to-cover as my final thesis project at the MFA Creative Writing & Publishing Arts program at the University of Baltimore. Three years of focused writing, workshop revision, and creativity culminated in this body of work that explores three generations of Filipino-American characters after World War II.

It explores the ties that bind family — whether the family you’re born into or the family that you make. It’s about sacrifice, surviving loss and betrayal; discovering one’s identity; and moving forward to an uncertain future. Historical backdrop settings include Luzon, Philippines; New York City; Washington, DC. and Annapolis, MD. Although a work of fiction, the stories are inspired by the real lives of people who overcame war, poverty, domestic abuse, gender identity and racism to build a place they can call home.

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