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Pain of the Littlest Finger

Collection of 11 short stories (fiction and flash fiction) that I wrote, edited, typeset, photographed, and designed from cover-to-cover as my final thesis project at the MFA Creative Writing & Publishing Arts program at the University of Baltimore. Three years of focused writing, workshop revision, and creativity culminated in this body of work that explores three generations of Filipino-American characters after World War II.

It explores the ties that bind family — whether the family you’re born into or the family that you make. It’s about sacrifice, surviving loss and betrayal; discovering one’s identity; and moving forward to an uncertain future. Historical backdrop settings include Luzon, Philippines; New York City; Washington, DC. and Annapolis, MD. Although a work of fiction, the stories are inspired by the real lives of people who overcame war, poverty, domestic abuse, gender identity and racism to build a place they can call home.

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I focus on creative writing not for commercial purposes, but to make connections and build community around my work.