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Behind the Words of Mexican-American Poet Gilbert Arzola

I was a poet at five but the world turned me into something else. In order to get through this world I had to become something else. I had to be a little meaner sometimes, I had to be a little kinder sometimes."

Gilbert Arzola found solace in words early in life, reflecting on and making meaning of the world around him by reading and writing in solitude. Growing up in North Judson, Indiana, his was one of only three Mexican-American families in an otherwise white community. Things had changed for Arzola’s family when his father decided to abandon life as a migrant farmer to settle down and make roots there, which Arzola credits as the pivotal moment in which his education and love of writing grew. Arzola who goes by ‘Gil’ describes himself as “one generation removed from the back of a [migrant] truck.” 

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