Inspiring women

of all backgrounds to tap into their own hero’s journey, creativity, sense of self, and resilience through shared storytelling that honors multiculturalism and inclusivity.

“Stories are the connective tissue of the human race…” —Katherine Lanpher

Who we are

women and non-binary represented by fez collection photo by EQ. Tennant

Writing and photography that inspires women and underrepresented people of all backgrounds to recognize their own innate creativity, courage, and resilience.

This is a place to find inclusive storytelling where multicultural families and communities can see their worlds reflected back to them with honesty and grace.

Behind the brand

Hi, I'm Eva

Between the spaces. Between the lines. I’ve been chasing light and shadow, with the click of a shutter, the stroke of a key, the flourish of a pen. Observing life. Telling stories. That’s what I’m about.


I’m so glad you are here

What I Do...

writer just finishing her page, ink pen on top of paper


I focus on creative writing not for commercial purposes, but to make connections and build community around my work.

Sunset at the pier photography by eq tennant


Beauty and fragility are all around us, bathed in light and shadow. My work in photography explores the world around us, and within.

women celebrating triumph jumping in the air


From creative collabs with fellow artists to video interviews, and more, these special projects build connections beyond the page.

This is a creative safe space to read & share stories...

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Pain of the Littlest Finger

Collection of 11 short stories (fiction and flash fiction) that I wrote, edited, typeset, photographed, and designed from cover-to-cover as my final thesis project at the MFA Creative Writing & Publishing Arts program at the University of Baltimore. Three years of focused writing, workshop revision, and creativity culminated in this body of work that explores three generations of Filipino-American characters after World War II.

It explores the ties that bind family — whether the family you’re born into or the family that you make. It’s about sacrifice, surviving loss and betrayal; discovering one’s identity; and moving forward to an uncertain future. Historical backdrop settings include Luzon, Philippines; New York City; Washington, DC. and Annapolis, MD. Although a work of fiction, the stories are inspired by the real lives of people who overcame war, poverty, domestic abuse, gender identity and racism to build a place they can call home.

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